If you’d like more information on workshops, therapy and counselling sessions, or if you’d like to discuss a prospective consultation, please get in touch

Mobile: +61 (0)402 884 205


Thank you

Best wishes, Kate.

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  • Micole Chenoweth says:

    Dear Kate,
    My 9 year old son, Ryder, has become very stressed and upset this year. Between changes at school due to Covid and his coming of age and crossing the Rubicon, we have seen him withdrawing and disengaging from school. He is more depressed and cries several times a week about his frustrations. This is very unlike him and I am looking for support.

    He attends a school where we know other children who come to you and speak highly of your therapeutic approach. I was wondering if you would be available to work with my son? I know you must be very busy with all of the changes in the world at the moment and the disruptions it would be causing in peoples lives. Please let me know if you would be able to work with my son.


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  • it's all about...

  • …what exactly IS art therapy?

    A language that is both universal and personal, art is an ideal approach to nourish, heal, and support the riddles and challenges each of us faces in our individual lives. Suitable to everyone, it is more about “the process” than producing “finished outcomes”. In fact, by utilising techniques such as sand play, painting, modelling, gesture and movement, voice work and writing, each individual’s unique needs are carefully and intuitively catered for.
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