Kate Sharp is a NW Brisbane-based art therapist and counsellor. She works from her Highvale studio near Samford

An experienced practitioner, Kate combines her knowledge as an arts and crafts teacher in the Rudolf Steiner system with both a Graduate Diploma  in Art Therapy and Counselling, and an MA in Creative Art Therapy (MIECAT). She is a member of the  ACA Australian Counselling Association    

Member Anthroposophical Society in Australia ( http://ASInA)

Offering a unique process that embraces a variety of creative mediums, Kate regularly holds workshops for both children and adults as well as one to one sessions that explore and deepen well being, self knowledge and healing.

She has her own arts practise which she calls upon to self nourish and bring daily meditative time to her day.
See also http://Instagram.com/sharpcatherine1

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  • it's all about...

  • …what exactly IS art therapy?

    A language that is both universal and personal, art is an ideal approach to nourish, heal, and support the riddles and challenges each of us faces in our individual lives. Suitable to everyone, it is more about “the process” than producing “finished outcomes”. In fact, by utilising techniques such as sand play, painting, modelling, gesture and movement, voice work and writing, each individual’s unique needs are carefully and intuitively catered for.
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