adults + art therapy

In times of challenge and questioning, art therapy can be a rich medium for the adult to work with. Drawing on the inner resources, it can be a transformative tool that nourishes the individual in a creative, surprising, and at times, deeply inspiring process.

Kate’s consultations offer a space that supports and challenges the client, guiding and encouraging them on their journey towards who they need to be.  Biography and context play important roles in a process that is explored through various art mediums. Mark making, sand play, modelling and painting become an additional voice, aiding access to less familiar places in our being.

Recognising and feeding the physical, soul and spirit, art therapy assists the client in identifying, understanding and working with the creative space surrounding their personal challenges.

Adult workshops are also offered, exploring subjects and ideas around the notion and experience of “self”. Usually shaped around an introduction, arts practise, and group-based sharing, these may be one day workshops or shorter sessions held over a series of weeks.

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  • it's all about...

  • …what exactly IS creative arts therapy?

    A language that is both universal and personal, the creative arts is an ideal approach to nourish, heal, and support the unravelling of riddles and challenges each of us face at different times in our life. Difficulty and challenge is viewed as the inner impulse which is seeking transformation. And where words can often take time to find in relation to meaning the creative arts provide a vehicle to journey right down into the soul-filled heart space. Suitable for children, adolescents and adults, though the approach differs depending on age and stage of development. Different modalities such as sand play, painting, modelling, gesture and movement, conversation and writing may be part of a session, where each individual’s unique needs are carefully and intuitively catered for.
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