children + art therapy

Children, who have no or a limited language with which to explain their inner world, can greatly benefit from art therapy’s gentle approach.

Difficulties associated with change, trauma, illness and disability, often causing distress both to themselves or their families, are viewed within a greater context of the child’s past and his/her future. Attempting to meet the child where he is and offering a doorway of encouragement, newly found self confidence and a sense of well being can arise.

Kate has developed a model that is specific to each child. Deeply rooted in the principles of anthroposophical knowledge of child  development and the processes used in phenomenological science Kate has woven knowledge and lived experience into each child’s therapy process. Gathering imagery through sandplay, painting, drawing and model making, Kate observes and participates in the child’s way of being in accordance with their present level of child development. She sees the child as an unfolding being of great wisdom. His/her challenges are part of the journey to be overcome in the process of becoming.

These observations, combined with information given by the parent, are distilled into an artistic reflection which is offered back at some point in the process of sessions. This may be in the form of a story, verse or drawing/painting that highlights the child’s very individual challenges and offers a path forward.

This story can become the foundation for the remaining sessions. The story is retold and activities are drawn from the context, allowing the child his/her own creative input.  Or for an older child who is more able to converse, the process may look a little different, still however the artistic offering is part of the session/s.   

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  • it's all about...

  • …what exactly IS creative arts therapy?

    A language that is both universal and personal, the creative arts is an ideal approach to nourish, heal, and support the unravelling of riddles and challenges each of us face at different times in our life. Difficulty and challenge is viewed as the inner impulse which is seeking transformation. And where words can often take time to find in relation to meaning the creative arts provide a vehicle to journey right down into the soul-filled heart space. Suitable for children, adolescents and adults, though the approach differs depending on age and stage of development. Different modalities such as sand play, painting, modelling, gesture and movement, conversation and writing may be part of a session, where each individual’s unique needs are carefully and intuitively catered for.
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